Monday, 30 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Poster first draft

Below is the first draft of my movie poster:

For this poster, I wanted to keep the idea to be simplistic but effective, and I wanted keep the colours to match the dice, so that it would not be too overpowering for the viewer.

New Year, New Idea!

Me and my partner have been going over and over out original idea, and have decided from the footage that we obtained, our idea would not be very easy to pull off because of exams and other subjects. From this we have decided to create a new idea using the same characters that would be more feasible, but just as effective as a horror movie.

The synopsis below is what the new storyline will be about:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Vox Pop Improved

This Vox Pop is the improved and finished version.

I have done this second vox pop simply because I feel that my first one was not to a very high standard, and also, as I did not convert the files from '.wmv' to '.mov' correctly, there was a watermark on them, and also the quality was not very good, so I converted them properly, and have created a totally new vox pop.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Joint & Final Synopsis

As I have been working on my own so far during the course, I have realised the amount of work that will be needed to execute by one person, and I think that this will be to much to cope on my own, so I have decided to join together with someone who is in the same boat, and create a teaser/trailer toghether.

The person I will be working with is 'Joseph Knight' (Blog:, and as we did not want to start from scratch, we decided to combine our planning together, and produce a storyline that can incorperate both of our hard work.

Joint Synopsis:

In 1955, Victoria Caroline murdered several men as a way to rebel from social constraints, and was seen as a shadow in the dark as she was seemingly unstoppable. Insanity started to take hold of her before she mysteriously stopped killing and there was no trace left of her.
Back to the present day, Omar, a normal 18 year old who goes to college and meets with friends as all 18 year olds do. He is, 'cool', 'popular' and 'up-to-date' with modern day society. Although he lives a normal life by day, by night he suffers from a condition called sleep paralysis. One night, during one of his paralysis episodes, he sees an old woman (unknowing to him is Victoria Caroline) in his hallucinations, and then sees her in his hallucinations nearly every night. He thinks she just remained in his dreams, until he sees her in reality… Is she just a dream… Is she in reality… Or is she in both?